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Aktaion Restaurant

Aktaion tavern is located in the village of Firostefani in Santorini
Its culinary history has been established and recognised for over 90 years. Three generations of Lefteris Roussos family have all shared the same love and passion for Santorini, its products and its tastes. They have all ensured that this devotion and enthusiasm is shared with visitors and locals alike.
Over the years Santorini has changed with looks and moods, Aktaion tavern has reflected and moved with this having been at the same charming location in Firostefani for 90 years creating a whole history of its very own. From 1922 to present day locals and visitors enjoy the traditional flavors of the most historic tavern of the island.
For ninety years now Aktaion has been a well renowned taste reference in Santorini. In Aktaion taverns’ walls you will find works by Vangelis Roussos, resonate the feasts, joys, historical events and everything that happened on the island over the last ninety years. While in Aktaion tavern’s tables artists such as Odysseus Elytis, Melina Mercouri , F. F. Coppola have all been depicted and Irene Pappas, who woke up a little Vangelis one evening to dance zempekiko.
From the kitchen of the Aktaion’s tavern housewives and chiefs always follow the same principle of using the finest raw materials grown in the unique soil of Santorini which offers delectable dishes accompanying harmoniously and are teeming with beautiful emotions. All those who choose the wicker chairs of Aktaion tavern become encaptured with the surrounding aura of Santorini’s magical caldera.


90 Years Aktaion Tavern

Santorini of the early 20th century with the vineyards, the mines and raw beauty
Turning back time 90 years ago to 1922 Lefteris Roussos decided to rent the place in Santorini that hosts Aktaion tavern today. Every afternoon, farmers and miners on their way back home stop for wine and delicacies in Aktaion tavern in Santorini. A small feast happens every day and Aktaion’s visitors sometimes do not even return to their homes, leaving their wifes wondering where they are!. In the kitchen of Aktaion we find Mr Lefteris wife, Mrs. Irene. The years might have been difficult but love and purity can be felt everywhere in Aktaion tavern.
The 50s to 70s with the spontaneous celebrations and the first "discovery" of the caldera...
We are now in 1948 when the son of Lefteris, George and his wife Argiro, wrote their own story, keeping the flavor and architectural character of Aktaion tavern unchanged during the decades that were responsible for the restaurant. George and Argrio were the first to pamper the island's first visitors, who began to arrive and discover the magical scenery of the caldera.
In modern Santorini with visitors from around the world and the deification of beauty...
Somewhere in the middle of the 80’s, and particularly in 1984, Aktaion tavern in Santorini passes to the third generation of Roussos family and Vangelis Roussos, a love that emerged gradually and he admits still lasts until today . Vangelis Roussos continues the work of his grandfather and father in a place that has changed very little the only addition being his paintings and carved creations, but still preparing the same delicious dishes for the abundance of Santorini’s visitors and offering genuine hospitality.


Firostefani Santorini
With a name meaning the crowning village of Fira, the capital of the island, Firostefani is one of the most beautiful villages on the island. Full of views of the caldera, the volcanoes, the vivid blue of the Aegean, near the church of Saint Gerasimos and the cobbled square courtyard, Aktaion tavern is always waiting with afternoons and evenings full of traditional flavors and a relaxing atmosphere with genuine hospitality of Aktaion’s people.
Firostefani is located just a fifteen minutes walk from Fira, with the caldera always at your side and about twenty minutes from Imerovigli village.

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