The Aktaion Restaurant Menu

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Discover the authentic cuisine of Santorini

Aktaion Restaurant’s cuisine has been based on the same principles and passion for the past ninety and more years. Carefully selected raw materials from the island that Vangelis Roussos himself picks every day, traditional recipes prepared with love and care for Aktaion’s visitors. Culinary history is written every day in the kitchen of Aktaion Restaurant in Santorini and everyone enjoys it with the same pleasure for almost a century now.

Santorinian dishes like fava, korkosela, Santorinian salad with codfish, octopus with fava and sweet capers, the historic Santorini tomato balls, hloro cheese of Santorini, skordomakarona (pasta with garlic) and moussaka in the oven and a range of options with meat and seafood plus various daily proposals, and wines from island’s historic vineyard accompany in the most tasteful way the view to the world-acclaimed caldera of Santorini.

Take-Away Also Available


Restaurant Menu (pdf)


The Aktaion Restaurant Menu