Aktaion Restaurant History

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More than 100 Years of Gastronomic Tradition

Turning time 100 years back to 1922 when Lefteris Roussos decided to rent the place in Santorini that has hosted Aktaion Restaurant until today. Every afternoon, farmers and miners on their way back home stopped for wine and delicacies in Aktaion Restaurant in Santorini. A small feast took place every day and Aktaion’s visitors sometimes did not even return to their homes, leaving their wives wondering where they were! In the Aktaion kitchen we find Mr Lefteris’ wife, Mrs. Irene. The years might have been difficult but love and purity can be felt everywhere in Aktaion Restaurant.

From the 50s to the 70s when pop-up feasts were the rule and the first "discovery" of the caldera began...

We are now in 1948 when the son of Lefteris, George and his wife Argiro wrote their own story, keeping the flavor and architectural character of Aktaion Restaurant unchanged throughout the decades that were responsible for the restaurant. George and Argrio were the first to truly pamper the island's first visitors, who began to arrive and explore the magical scenery of the caldera.

In modern Santorini with visitors from around the world and the deification of beauty...

Somewhere in the mid 80’s, in 1984 particularly, Aktaion Restaurant in Santorini passes to the third generation of the Roussos family, Vangelis Roussos, a love that emerged gradually as he admits, and one that still lasts until today . Vangelis Roussos continues the work of his grandfather and father in a place that has changed very little with the only addition being his paintings and carved creations, but still preparing the same delicious dishes for the abundance of Santorini’s visitors and offering genuine Greek hospitality.