Writing gastronomic history since 1922

Aktaion Restaurant has been at the foundation of Santorinian gastronomy for close to a century! Three generations of restauranteurs praising the unique products of this amazing island through tastes and flavours that mesmerize your palate in the most delightful way!

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Serving authentic tastes of Santorini

Our history is long and flavourful; we have been serving locals and visitors of Santorini since 1922 and we loved every single moment, as you have loved every single dish! Let us raise our glass to many more years of culinary delights in Santorini to come!

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In an iconic location

Overlooking the spectacular caldera of Santorini, Firostefani is one of the most privileged locations on the island; the restless blue of the Aegean and the breath-taking energy of the volcanoes add to the inimitable ambiance of our spot, our tiny slice of heaven!

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Live a nostalgic experience

Santorini’s volcanic soil boasts an outstanding selection of unique products that we love! With utmost respect to time-honored traditional recipes and our profound love to what makes Santorini taste so good, we prepare dishes that will enchant your heart with their quality and taste!

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